Countless are the bounties of our Lord Almighty. The minerals lying hidden inside the bowels of mother earth, the sundry season and the various crops sprouting and flourishing in those seasons and then their mouth-watering, tastes tickling our buds – ”Oh which of Allah’s blessings can you deny.”
Same are the tastes that we extracted from the proliferation of Allah’s blessings, added all the nutrition of the world to it, packed them in respectable packing’s, put a very affordable tag on it and named ‘SAVOUR FOODS’.
Immediately we shot into prominence and we owe it all to Allah’s grace, and the confidence of our public that only ‘SAVOUR’ can sate their appetites. Very soon the Lahorities and the inhabitants of other cities shall be able to savor the exquisite taste of ‘SAVOUR FOODS’ Inn sha Allah (subhan wa’taa’la).
Our reputation rests not only on the eatables we provide or the service we render or the palates we satiate but also because we are Pakistani to the core. Pitted against edibles at all comparative levels, whether national or international, Savour Foods emerges at the top and hence has become the benchmark of the soft Pakistan, our true identity.
Savour Foods is pure Pakistani. In a world where everything is ‘fast’ even food put on our tables at astronomical rates by multinational companies, we present to you ‘SAVOUR FOODS’, the carrier of all that is ‘PAKISTANI’.
We are proud standard bearers of Pakistan’s cultural heritage and we relish it. Not only in Pakistan but abroad as well. We desire and endeavor to make ‘SAVOUR FOODS’ the identity and the epitome of all that is pure, clean and soft Pakistani.
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very Nice

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amaizing Taste & always Fresh Savour Foods

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